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Eco Cork Rendering Project

Eco Cork is a product formulated exclusively with Secil Natural Hydraulic Lime binder and free from all cementitious content. Mixed with a largely cork aggregate, this offers a lightweight, vapour permeable and environmentally friendly render or plaster.

Cork is well known for it's great thermal values and that it comes from a renewable source.

Secil EcoCork is suitable for internal or external plastering. It is applied on top of a specially formulated consolidating mortar, which is hand harled onto the wall to get a key.

After the consolidating mortar one or two coats of EcoCork  can be applied in thicknesses of 10-20 mm per coat, giving up to 40 mm thick plaster or render in total. The surface is floated after a few hours to prepare for the finishing coat. After letting the EcoCork harden for a few days, a final coat of Secil finishing mortar is applied. This can be done in a single coat of approx. 3 mm thick.

Whilst we recommend using the Secil finishing mortar externally as it offers maximum compatibility and protection, internally the EcoCork can be plastered with a wide range of materials including lime putty plasters and clay plasters. It can even be left as the finished surface and just painted.


   Cost effective compared to hemp or traditional lime mortars

   Easy to apply, coats up to 40 mm overall in a day

   Ready to top coat in a matter of days

   Good vapour permeability

   Improves thermal performance of building being rated as T2 under EN998-1

   Improves acoustic performance of building

   50% lighter than traditional lime mortars

   Reduced CO2

   Reduced consumption of non-renewable aggregates

   High durability

   Resistant to salts

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